Understanding Release Notes

These posts represent all major and minor changes, features, fixes, and updates made to the AmeriCommerce Software.

All posts are tagged with the major version that the update applies to. For example 2012.1 or 2012.2. The date is also representative of the version of that release.

To find out if an update applies to your site you will need to check whether the major version and date matches the version of your AmeriCommerce store. This is found in the footer of your admin in the format of 201Y.X.MDD.x

A version number is broken down into the year, major release, build date, and build number. For example 2012.2.508.1 would mean it is the 2012.2 major version released on May, 8 and is the first build of that day.

If you are interested in getting a feature applied to your site ahead of the routine update schedule please enter a support ticket.

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  • FEATURE: ##ATTRIBUTEDETAILS## Merge Code Options

    Optionally show the Attribute Group, Attribute AND Value in the ##ATTRIBUTEDETAILS## mergecode using the showall=true parameter. Previously the table only rendered the Group name and either the Attribute or Value depending on whether or not the Value… had a value. Also multiple attributes that belonged to the same group were comma separated in ...
    Posted to Release History (Weblog) by Jeremy on January 13, 2012