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What to expect at the tournament in Brazil yet? Here is the great World Cup Prediction: by Asians who are as Germany, tears at the defending champion and two proud football nations who disappoint hard German. There are no World Cup football 2014 predictions to contradict many people who dare to Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We can. A World Cup without him, the Swedish superstar, it would not be worth to look at, the striker had said in its inherent modesty. The World Cup in Brazil (June 12-July 13) will be a great tournament. This will be exciting, because the host six fold masters wants to be like the coach says. This is surprising, because the former mother country of football will fail badly. Tragically, because a World Cup rookie excited with great football and then just loses against the German team. And even more tragic because it is again not work for Joachim Löw and his team with a title win. The host: Brazil (Group A) Do you still remember the World Cup football 2014 predictions of this boy named Ronaldo? This fleet-footed Brazilian whirlwind in the final against Germany made??From the Seleção in 2002 for the World Cup? The boy is now 37 years old, in the World Cup jersey of the time they do not fit for a long time. The last major title of the Brazilian seems to come from another time. Therefore, it should now be ready at home and with a revamped team, with a new passion and a new game. German group opponents: Klinsmann, Cristiano Ronaldo, Boateng Under him, Brazil won its last World Cup so far, under him, it is now, after two disappointing tournaments in 2006 and 2010, finally work again. First, it also looks good, the group a wins Brazil, followed by Mexico, and even Ronaldinho can once again take place on the bench. Also in the second round against the Netherlands it is enough yet, but then Uruguay in the quarter- finals on penalties to rip you off. Small consolation: 2018 star striker Neymar just as old as Ronaldo then with the last title. The Kings covered: Spain (Group B) European champion, World champion, European champion Spain was the scale in recent years, when it came to beauty and efficiency. But already at Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine there were first critical voices to the game of the Spaniards. It is tedious and uncreative, the time of Tiki - Taka- spell may soon be over. Also, because the competition from the constant spinning tops of the ball can no longer be confusing, but has found an antidote. This was demonstrated with his lose 3-0 at the Confederations Cup last hosts Brazil. The big World Cup football 2014 predictions stars like goalkeeper Iker Casillas, playmaker Xavi or Xabi Alonso look for the shape and lightness of the glorious time. But to staff upheaval occurs only after the World Cup, but then forced. For Spain, although wins the tricky Group B ahead of the Netherlands, but it is unable to continue in the second round against Mexico. National team of Japan: Plenty Bundesliga experience You play German: Japan (Group C) Makoto Hasebe and Hiroshi Kiyotake ( 1.FC Nürnberg ) , Shinji Okazaki (Mainz 05) , Takashi Inui (Eintracht Frankfurt) , Hajime Hosogai (Hertha BSC) , Hiroki Sakai (Hannover 96) , Atsuto Uchida (Schalke 04) and Gotoku Sakai ( VfB Stuttgart ): The most German World Cup team alongside Germany , will logically be Japan. If the Asians compete in the summer for the fifth time in a row at the World Championships, eight Bundesliga players will probably be there. Availing them is nothing. In Group C, it is enough behind Colombia (Falcao!) and Ivory Coast (Drogba!) for third place. But after all, even before the Greeks (Gekas). France's Ribery: Title of the biggest disappointment The big losers: England and France (group D and E) France (group E) and England (Group D) - there are two big names in football, the fight at the World Cup for the title. The French continue their football Rumpel the 2010 World Cup and Euro 2012. Many good single player , now even young talents like Mamadou Sakho ( 23/FC Liverpool) , Paul Pogba or ( 20/Juventus Turin) , plus a superior Franck Ribéry . It is not enough to survive in Brazil against Ecuador and Switzerland. Good single player would also like England, especially young. Roy Hodgson manages both at the World Cup the defect, the eternal Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney fail because they have to deal with Italy and Uruguay. Bosnia - Herzegovina Kolasinac (left), Spahic: Historical Sensation The tragic hero: Bosnia- Herzegovina (Group F) As the little Bosnia- Herzegovina continues for the first time in the history of his country to the World Cup - and then it gets even a very pleasant group. Against Argentina the troops around Stuttgart's Vedad Ibisevic and the former Wolfsburg Edin Dzeko has indeed no chance in the struggle to win the group, but Iran and Nigeria they depend loose. The move into the knockout round is a historical sensation for the 3.7 -million population country. Unfortunately, it's in the quarterfinals against Germany, and the seven league players in the Bosnian squad have already guessed about their experiences in everyday business: There is concluded with an unfortunate goal just before the end. Löw: Again, just nearly The title aspirant: Germany (Group G) How often this statistic has already been quoted: Second, Third, Third, intervening at the European Championships: second again, of third parties. The German national football team was in the last decade in the big tournaments always at the forefront, just not quite right up front. From unfinished generations was spoken of the last missing something. But also the fact that Germany was a tournament team, always ready to the point. This is the World Cup football 2014 predictions team coach Joachim Loew also in Brazil, for him and some of his players; it is nothing less than the refinement of the life's work. Nothing is therefore left to chance. Only good that the DFB team have now drawn against with Portugal, Ghana and the U.S. teams that they all know well. Therefore safely Germany wins the group G, in the second round awaits Russia. The semi-final against Uruguay is very tight, but it works. Well. Belgium's Lukaku: When Cristiano is closing The near winner: Belgium (H) The World Cup football 2014 predictions low points and even lower lows in football have Belgium all through. Now almost half the world envies coach Marc Wilmot to the squad. Marouane Fellaini, Kevin de Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Dries Mertens, Christian Benteke, Romelu Lukaku: (boy) superstars who have caught the lightest World Cup group with Algeria, South Korea and Russia. Number one is certainly them, then he got the “hottest promise in European football " (Ex -Bayern goalkeeper Jean -Marie Pfaff) bad luck. In the second round they hit the stage of evolution than the promise perfection. Cristiano Ronaldo, mature, harder, mellower, shows the young Belgians, how hard can be a World Cup Tournament: The eccentric superstar meets for as late as undeserved victory for the Portuguese.

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