Understanding Release Notes

These posts represent all major and minor changes, features, fixes, and updates made to the AmeriCommerce Software.

All posts are tagged with the major version that the update applies to. For example 2012.1 or 2012.2. The date is also representative of the version of that release.

To find out if an update applies to your site you will need to check whether the major version and date matches the version of your AmeriCommerce store. This is found in the footer of your admin in the format of 201Y.X.MDD.x

A version number is broken down into the year, major release, build date, and build number. For example 2012.2.508.1 would mean it is the 2012.2 major version released on May, 8 and is the first build of that day.

If you are interested in getting a feature applied to your site ahead of the routine update schedule please enter a support ticket.

Well friends, we've been busy adding more cool things for your store. As always, we've got a lot to... (read more)
In the 2014.4 release, AmeriCommerce stores can now use the popular Login with Facebook widget on... (read more)
For the past six months the dev team at AmeriCommerce have been hard at work building a new... (read more)
Over the last several months we had many soft releases for app settings, server maintenance,... (read more)
One lucky winner to receive an Ecommerce focused, phone and tablet friendly custom designed... (read more)
Feature: A new feature has been implemented that will allow a user to select specific fields to check for blank data in Product Export under Tools > Data Export > Product Export.Only the... (read more)
Feature: Category, Manufacturer, Status, Stock, Weight, Hidden and searchable custom fields are now supported via Product Export. (read more)
UPDATE: The feature to search has now been added to the Subscription List Page under Orders > Subscriptions. You can now search by customer name, subscription type, subscription ID, original order... (read more)
The Notifications icon is finally wired up in the me bar!There is a new notifications page that displays Site Notifications, Release History, and AC News and AC Blog posts.  The page will show... (read more)
?FEATURE: Gift Certificate Import/Export. You can Import/Export Gift Certificates in Tools -> Data Import and Tools -> Data Export now. (read more)
New Mergecode: ##PRODUCTCOLUMNCSSCLASS[...]##  This merge code is used on Product Listing pages such as the category page, search page, mfg page, as well as in Product Display widgets.The... (read more)
FEATURE: Added the ability to subscribe to a blog. Subscribers will receive an email notification when new posts are published to that blog.There is a new merge code for this for blog rolls,... (read more)
FEATURE: Added ability to manually subscribe to blog comment notifications for an individual blog post.Note that these notifications were already handled automatically if a person commented on a blog... (read more)
Feature: Google Universal Analytics in Tools > Apps & Addons.When enabled, Google Universal Analytic scripts for page review and order conversion will be placed automatically.Universal Analytics... (read more)
Fix for limit the number of attributes displayed per group and show more/less link feature in the 'Browse by Attribute Widget'. (read more)
AC now uses the product's base cost/price for Price Calculator if cost/price is not setup in that product's advanced pricing. (read more)
This corrects an issue with our wysiwyg editor (specifically when editing product descriptions) where font tags (<font></font>) were removed from the content of the editor anytime the... (read more)
Visitor sessions now render correctly (read more)
Fixed PayPal error that was occurring when shipping discount was larger than the subtotal. (read more)
Products which required a customer login to view were being hidden on the admin.  We fixed that. (read more)
API: Custom apps and installed apps now use separate rate limit counters. (read more)
We fixed an issue where sending admin emails would error out when the subject contained line breaks. (read more)
When a quote is created with a specific shipping charge for a given shipping method, the specified amount is shown when the customer views the quote. (read more)
We've made some changes to the message displayed when Facebook login is attempted for the first time on an account that already exists in AC (by email), but is not yet tied to a Facebook account. (read more)
Fixed PayPal issue when using shared SSL. (read more)