Understanding Release Notes

These posts represent all major and minor changes, features, fixes, and updates made to the AmeriCommerce Software.

All posts are tagged with the major version that the update applies to. For example 2012.1 or 2012.2. The date is also representative of the version of that release.

To find out if an update applies to your site you will need to check whether the major version and date matches the version of your AmeriCommerce store. This is found in the footer of your admin in the format of 201Y.X.MDD.x

A version number is broken down into the year, major release, build date, and build number. For example 2012.2.508.1 would mean it is the 2012.2 major version released on May, 8 and is the first build of that day.

If you are interested in getting a feature applied to your site ahead of the routine update schedule please enter a support ticket.

We have a secret – a big one – that we’re ecstatic to share with you. We’re humbled as we think... (read more)
AmeriCommerce is thrilled to be recognized three years in a row by Inc. Magazine as one of... (read more)
Well friends, we've been busy adding more cool things for your store. As always, we've got a lot to... (read more)
In the 2014.4 release, AmeriCommerce stores can now use the popular Login with Facebook widget on... (read more)
For the past six months the dev team at AmeriCommerce have been hard at work building a new... (read more)
Added option to exclude Shipping and Tax from Revenue for Google Universal Analytics Ecommerce Tracking. (read more)
Multiple level grids can now be exported. Each level will be exported to a worksheet in excel. (read more)
We've added support for USPS Retail/Online/Plus rate types.This feature allows you to set up USPS rate type option when get shipping rate from USPS. Retail: Retail rates given at the Post Office.... (read more)
New discount rules for "Category in the cart including sub categories" and "Category in the cart including sub categories (multiplied)"These rules will evaluate to true if any of the categories of a... (read more)
You can now set specific prices for group/kit items. This feature allows you to charge specific prices for each child item when using "Sell Items in Kit With Parent" or "Sell Parent Track Item... (read more)
SmartyStreets provides a street level validation and address suggestion service. With this integration enabled, street level look ups will be available from the admin's order edit screen and the... (read more)
A custom field GoogleShippingLabel will be created when setting up your google product feed. The value of this custom field will be mapped to google feed shipping_label field. (read more)
Order Edit now has an autocomplete for coupon codes. (read more)
We now have a Shipping Rules Import tool. This tool can be used to import Shipping Rules to an existing Custom Shipping Method. The following is a list of currently supported fields for the import:... (read more)
Added ability to jump to a new order # as well as previous and next links to Order Edit and Order View. Clicking the left or right arrow will go to the previous or next order in line. The order # is... (read more)
The system now calculates the total orders, total sales and conversion rate on the AdCode Edit screen. (read more)
Existing customers with a blank display name can now leave a product review (read more)
Variant inventory could not be deleted if a customer had signed up to be notified when it became available. Now when the variant inventory is deleted, we will remove all notifications linked to it. (read more)
API: Added store_id to the resource /api/v1/blog_posts. store_id is required by the database at this spot and not having it on the model led to validation errors that could not be fixed by the API... (read more)
Phantom Item was showing up in product mass editor if no search fields were given, so we fixed that problem. (read more)
Deletion of a customer account is now logged in audit history (read more)
When an item was added from one source, then that same item was added from another source, it would list twice on the checkout page, instead of consolidating the item into a singular listing. (read more)
When importing a gift certificate csv file, if the recipients email belongs to an existing customer, that customer account will be associated with certificate. (read more)
Upsell Only/Non Upsell Only option for Related Items from Cart widget is working now. (read more)
The popup email editor now has a third option for the from address. After a template is loaded, the from address associated with the template will become an option in the radio group. (read more)